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Joined: 10th April 2012

Last seen: 3rd April 2016

Birthday: 0th December 0

From: Newbury, Berkshire


Using my electronic die cutting machine, Pazzles Inspiration with graphics and cutting files in ai, dxf, eps, gsd, jpg, pdf and svg file formats.


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Latest Topics ilove2cutpaper is chatting in

Electronic die cutters

Started by moza Tuesday 1st, May 2012 (last post Tuesday 24th, July 2012 by tazzy)

Print and Cut using digital die cutting machine

Started by ilove2cutpaper Sunday 15th, July 2012 (last post Monday 16th, July 2012 by tazzy)

Tangy, lemon lollipop!

Started by ilove2cutpaper Tuesday 29th, May 2012 (last post Tuesday 29th, May 2012 by tracy43)


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