DIY Pancake Day Recipe with Free Duster Template

By Friday 17th, February 2017 Comments


Pancake day is one of our favourite days of the year (can you blame us?), so to prepare for this scrumptious occasion Elle Townsend is going to show you how to make honey & blueberry pancakes and decorate using our fun duster template!...

DIY Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cake with a Heart Garland

By Tuesday 17th, January 2017 Comments


Nothing fills your heart with joy more than indulging in a delicious chocolate cake! Today, Elle Townsend is going to take us step by step to create this Valentine's day bake alongside the cutest heart bunting…

Q&A with Elle Townsend- Baker and Cake Designer

By Wednesday 11th, January 2017 Comments


It’s time for us to get to know the lovely Elle, the baking whiz behind the scrumptious recipes you’re going to see on the blog! Read on to find out her yummy top tips and her favourite baking trends…

DIY Meringue Snowflakes with Free Printable Template

By Friday 16th, December 2016 Comments


We are so excited to welcome you all to our new baking feature on the blog! Every month, we will publish a tutorial by the wonderful Elle Townsend, who is going to share with us a collection of delicious recipes…

DIY Pretty posy cake box craft tutorial

By Thursday 25th, February 2016 Comments


Do you love to give friends your freshly made bakes but you’re stuck on how to present them? Our tutorial shows you how to make a sweet box using the Pretty Posy papers that will compliment your lovely cakes…




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