Seven Panel Step Card


Seven Panel Step Card

Postby Crafty Blonde » Thu Apr 04, 2013 2:31 pm

Hi everyone,

Here are the instructions for the seven panel step card that is in my gallery

Step 1 - Trim a piece of a4 card down to 29cm and score along the length every 3cm

Step 2 - Score the card along the width at 14.5cm

DSC02176 (1024x768).jpg

Step 3 - Score the card in the panels using the measurements shown above in the picture

DSC02180 (1024x768).jpg

Step 4 - Slit open the card along the lines between the LH side & RH side score lines (shown in red) & trim out the little panels as shown

DSC02182 (1024x733).jpg

Step 5 - Fold the card into shape - valley fold the center line, mountain fold the little peaks

Step 6 - You will have little flaps on the one side of your card on your 2 end panels - add strong tape onto these little flaps - Slot the two end panels back together and secure with the tape

Step 7 - Trim 7 strips of Card to 2.5cm wide and cut into the following lengths
2 @ 6cm
2 @ 8cm
2 @ 10cm
1 @ 12cm

Step 8 - Trim strips patterned paper to 2cm wide and cut the the following lengths
2 @ 5.5cm (paper 1)
2 @ 7.5cm (paper 2)
2 @ 9.5cm (paper 1)
1 @ 11.5cm (paper 2)

Step 9 - Mat together and add to the card front - add image and any embellishments as required

Hope you find this tutorial helpful - to see a full step by step pic guide please go to ... -card.html

Lyndsey xx
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Crafty Blonde
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Re: Seven Panel Step Card

Postby Friday Feeling » Sat Apr 06, 2013 12:50 pm

Thanks very much for this Lyndsey - I'll try & have a go soon I hope. It does look tricky though, my measuring is usually pretty dodgy!

Caroline x
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Friday Feeling
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