upload your beginners project here when finished


Re: upload your beginners project here when finished

Postby tracy43 » Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:33 pm

three more attempts tonight have failed again grr, 1st not paying attention, second smudged third well it just went wrong and now im stressed .

have to ask a question though. after spending a week looking for my white pencil to no avail, i bought a white uni paint marker by mitsubishi, didnt realise it was oil based will this cause problems, dosent appear to have done yet, its a extra fine tip and i have to say its good if a touch smelly but not overpowering, found a staedtler black marker i used for leaves and flowers and its that that smudged because i stupidly forgot it wouldnt dry fast enough and put the side of my hand over it to do opposite side, seems like i have a ghost shifting my tools as fast as i get them together, can only find my large embossing tool i use for my boards, three different sized ones have took a walk from table and now a half sheet of paper wasted
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Re: upload your beginners project here when finished

Postby Crafty Nanna » Sat Mar 06, 2010 11:15 pm

Tracy, I use a roller ball for my white sometimes. Must be honest though, most of the time I use a scratch pen and inks. You can use any white pencil from any of your colour pencil sets, ir doesn't have to be a bryunzel or the like.

Good luck, maybe talk to your ghosts and ask them to return your bits.
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